JustJava Android App

After having studied half a semester of Android Development in college and filling pages after pages with handwritten code in exams I assumed getting to develop my own app after just six months of the course would be a piece of cake.

Well, I only wish I had ‘actually coded’ all that I wrote in the exams.

My first encounter with the Android Studio made me realize there was a lot left to learn. And so I enrolled myself into Udacity’s Android Basic Nanodegree Program by Google. (Nope, this is not marketing. I genuinely found it to be really helpful..hell I’m only enrolled into the free version.) The degree version is priced quite steeply so I opted for the free version.

The course is for absolute beginners and it’s fun. I have experience in JAVA but I watched all the videos for the great content.

In the second module, ‘User Input’ the student is required to create a coffee ordering app as the last project.


The user can enter his/her name, select the number of coffees he/she wants (in a range of 1-100), choose extra toppings like ‘Whipped Cream’ and ‘Chocolate’ (which increase the price accordingly) and then ‘Order’.

The ‘Order’ thus developed is transferred to an email app with Details of the Order and a subject line. The user will only need to enter the recipient’s address to order some nice coffee!

Code – https://github.com/aborb/JustJava-Android-App


Following are the screenshots of the final app (it’s very simple, but fun):


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