Quake Report Android App

Quake Report App



This app displays a list of recent earthquakes in the world from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) organization. User can apply filter to select the minimum magnitude level and sort the results based on ‘Magnitude’ or ‘Most Recent’

Learnings from the course:

  • JSON Parsing and APIs
  • HTTP Networking
  • Exceptions and Logging
  • Threads and Parallelism
    • AsyncTask.
    • Generics
    • Loaders
    • ProgressBar
    • Checking Network Connection State – No internet message & no data message
  • Preferences
    • Fragments
    • Constructing desired URL from base URL

Used in a Udacity course in the Beginning Android Nanodegree (Networking).

More info on the USGS Earthquake API available at: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/fdsnws/event/1/


  • Android SDK v23
  • Android Build Tools v23.0.2
  • Android Support Repository v23.3.0

GitHub Link  – QuakeReportApp




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